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185 Responses to “Testimonials”

  1. Bill G Says:

    I had been losing 3 to 4 iPods a day due to theft or just leaving them laying around. My friends were starting to say that I had more money than brains with all these iPod purchases.

    Well, I picked up a Hide-a-Pod the other day and I haven’t lost an iPod since. If I leave it somewhere and go back later it’s always right there were I left it. I guess I have both money and brains now.

  2. Ben Says:

    My car was broken into last week. Those rotten thieves took everything of value in the car . . . except my iPod. There it was on the front, seat safe in the Hide-a-Pod shell. Thanks for such a great product!

  3. Curlicene Says:

    I have to tell you how thrilled I am with my my Hide-a-Pod. It recently saved my iPod and put a thief in his place. Here’s what happened:

    I was walking home a couple weeks ago and was held up by some jerk pretending to have a gun. I could see that it was obviously just a squirt gun. Boy, was I glad I went for the extra squirt option for my Hide-a-Pod. I sure sent him packing home all drenched, cold, and cryin’ for momma.

  4. Hambone The Pig Says:

    Being a pig, I don’t have any pockets to hide my brand new ipod so I am afraid to take it out in public! Also, since I need all my feet for walking, I can’t carry it properly. Now, with my new “hideapod” I can drag it behind me because no one seems to mind if the zune gets scratched, me included!

    My question is this… is ther going to be any additional accessories like a belly strap?

    Sincerely posted – Hambone

  5. el-flojo Says:

    Wow – I’m floored!
    Now it’d be great if you guys offered something like one of those ugly Dell laptops to hide my MacBook in it. This way I could leave it anywhere without risking that someone steals it.

  6. Reginald Winterbottom Says:

    Its very unfortunate when a precious item is stolen, so I snatched up my copy of Hide-a-Pod as soon as it was available! I sold my Zune, a gift from my Aunt Bertha, on eBay last Christmas, so when I recieved my Hide-a-Pod, it was almost like Christmas all over again. Only this time, I didn’t have to write a thank-you note.

    The Hide-a-Pod works like a charm, and the optional squirt device is worth every penny, I promise.

  7. Chris Says:

    While I don’t own an iPod, I find the Hide-a-Pod great for storing valuables. Jewelry, birth certificates, gold bullion. It all fits with room to spare. And everyone seems to steer clear of what appears to be a feces-stained scientific calculator.

  8. Joe Jurkiewicz Says:

    I stole my friend Aleks’ zune since i had no money left, and John Urbanik helped me smash the inside of the zune and place my new 30 gig ipod into the zune. I then proceeded to go to the homeless shelter and offer people a free zune. Not ONE person took it! My ipod is so safe thank you!

  9. Billy Friesdale Says:

    The Hide-a-Pod, while working great for preventing the theft of my iPod, does have a bit too much extra space. My solution was to fill the extra space with ants, which I can pour on any food I don’t want to eat, like broccoli. Now I haven’t been robbed in weeks, and my parents are astounded by my well-rounded adult appetite! Thanks Hide-a-Pod!

  10. w00t Says:

    i just bought one and i love it
    no more losing my ipod

  11. Russ Says:

    Thank goodness someone finally came up with a sensible solution. My previous way of handling this, squirreling away my ipod inside a King Oscar sardine tin, left too much residual fish smell on both my fingers and my nano. I love my Hide-a-Pod. That faint trace of Microsoft mesquite-like component odor cant be beat as a natural deterrent. Thank you so much, and keep up the fine work.

  12. Sammy-G Says:

    This saved my life, thanks!

  13. Sammy-G Says:

    Oh by the way, I have a small request, please make one for Apple-TV and my MacPro, I know it is weird to carry those around but being the old Magneto every iron piece clings on to me and won’t let go.. And people try to rip my AppleTV and MacPro off of me, that hurts you know! It’s as if people try pulling off your skin, so I beg of you to create a huge hide-a-macproduct case, like a big box with nice aero print on it so people will think whatever clings onto me is a Vista-Like product.


  14. Brendan Says:

    I’d rather get my iPod stolen than have to lug that ugly thing around.

  15. Derik Says:

    My “Hide-a-Pod” came last week, when I pulled it out of the box, I then realized why no one would want to steal it! I didn’t even want to use that nasty lookin’ thing. So I had my friend put a nice air-brushed art on it, it made it at least bearable to look at, but still no one steals it! :)

  16. Microserf Says:

    I’m having a lot of problems here at work. Everyone looks at me funny because I’m the only one with an iPod. If I could have your address I’d like to send you a lot of broken Zunes for you to convert. All I ask is that you send me back one of them converted for my iPod Nano. Finally I can have a “Zune” that does something useful without the stigma.

  17. William B. Gates Says:

    I love my iPhone dearly. I cannot stand to be without it. Unfortunately, I cant be seen with it, for obvious reasons. It’s like I’m in of those romance movies. Luckily, thanks the hideapod, I can use my iPhone anywhere, because it can be cleverly disguised as a Zune. Thanks you so much hideapod!

  18. macewan Says:

    This the perfect gift for that college student. Except for the community college crowd where the zune is a big hit.

  19. brown scale Says:

    i bought your product and now i’ve lost all my friends.
    i put my white iPod in my left pocket at our favourite watering hole. an hour later, when all the lads ‘n gals were merrily drunk, i pulled out the zune from my right pocket, and it was all brown.
    waaah! i still got my ipod, but can i have my friends back?!

  20. ZuneScene.com Says:

    Been using mine for 9 months and it still holds up.

  21. joseph Says:

    i relocated jimmy hoffa’s body inside a hideapod and i sleep safer now by knowing that no one’s gonna find it for another 20 years at least!!! thank you hideapod…

  22. Eirik Says:

    I’m scared every time i take up my hideapod. Because i think my iPod has transformmed into an zune. It’s like a nightmare every time. Thank god it’s just a hideapod.

  23. Rob Says:

    Thank heavens these things aren’t cluttering up our landfills anymore.

    Reminds me of a problem a friend had.

    He left his Zune on his dashboard when he went in to the grocery store. When he came back out, he discovered someone had broken into his car and left three more Zunes.

  24. Mister Snitch! Says:

    Surely this is the finest invention in human history. Attention, politicians: It’s also a great way to hide modest ‘cash contributions’!

  25. MS Employee Says:

    When the Zune was nearing its release, everyone here at MS was encouraged to dump our iPod for one. I’ve stubbornly held on to my iPod, but it’s really hurt me. I missed out on a raise and get assigned to the worst projects they can come up with. (Believe me, you want NOTHING to do with WinTV… and don’t get me started on the Zune Mondo).

    Thanks to the Hide-a-Pod, I can keep my iPod while convincing all of my friends and co-workers that I’m a conformist taking it up the rear by MS like the rest of ’em!

  26. Hennell Says:

    I have actually had two i-pods stolen from me in the past, so in desperation I turned to your Hide-a-pod device. Wow! For anyone wondering, I say GO FOR IT! This device pays for itself.

    ********TRUE STORY********
    I had some guys threaten me with a very large knife for my ipod, but on seeing this they fell about laughing and actually gave ME money! Okay so the fact this caused the ending of my marriage, my parents to disown me and I’m now banned from my local town is minor compared to the fact I don’t have to re-import everything again.

    Thanks Hide-a-pod, my music collection is safe and ugly thanks to you!

  27. zune Says:

    i am absolutely thrilled that you are doing nothing but taking all of the zunes off the market basically now i am the only one with one now…..so the worthless wireless is now more worthless….thanks hideapod!

  28. Fez Says:

    I have a Mpio player myself, but, with the bulk of the Zune even the larger size of my player still allows for extra space to store my care keys, pen knife, purse, deodorant, pen, notepad, fold out chair, three bicycles and of course my three bedroom flat.
    I do however kinda regret not getting the squirt feature

  29. Blob Says:

    Like, ZOMG! My iPod keeps getting confiscated during class, but when I started to conceal it in a Hide-a-Pod, my teachers DON’T even want to touch it, so I get to listen to my study notes while doing my final school exams! ALRIGHT! GO HIDE-A-POD!

  30. Burke Says:

    This is wonderful! I have my ear buds already painted brown, but once I flashed an ipod – BANG! – mugged. Now with your product, when I flash my “ipod” people just move away from me – like I’m infected!
    Thank you so much!


  31. San Franciscan! Says:

    This product is really worth all the money. Once I stopped in front of a bakery in San Francisco with my Porsche Boxster with the roof removed and left my keys along with my iPod inside, leaving the engine on…you know, just a quick visit of the bakery and off we go. But I met my highschool friend and we got stuck for about an hour.
    When I got back to my car, I saw a guy standing next to my car…engine running…iPod still playing music…and the guy staring at me saying “yo yo, you know what ? if you didn’t have that in da vehicle, i’d totally take it for a ride…but it’s zuuuuneee, so I’m just telling all people to cross to the other side of the sidewalk..you know..how can you live with yo’self!?”

  32. Zgwar The Terrible Says:

    Ok, time for a confession. I’m an evil Zgwar from “the neighboring Galaxy”. That’s as much as I can say at this time. So, a few months ago, men in black busted into my crib, claiming I stole a galaxy far, far away and hid it in my Hide-a-pod Zune exoshell. Needles to say, I had some tense moments explaining to them that my iPod is the only thing in there. They finally, in disgust, had to let me go (too much Zune handling will do that to you.)

    They never saw the Alpha-Five Zetti galaxy cloud I hid in there! I still have it although I leave my Hide-A-Pod lying around.

    Thanks Hide-A-Pod! Bwaaaahhahhahahahahhh! 8^@

  33. iPod Thief Says:

    I was wondering where All the iPod were going

    Now I know too keep a look out for what looks like a person carrying a lump of feces and poking it with his finger, I just hope I don’t find someone actually doing that

  34. Tony M. Says:

    Since i ratted on all my maffia-buddies and didn’t like the witness-protection-program, i now live in a hide-a-pod (doctor Who helped me with decorating the inside) and nobody knows where i live anymore. i’m going to buy a second one and cut the bottom out of it, so i can walk around town without anybody noticing me.
    thanks hide-a-pod!

  35. Fox O'Rian Says:

    I live in a dorm room and my room mate is always leaving the door unlocked. Our of fear for the well-being of my iPod, I bought your Hide-a-pod’s built for the 2nd Generation iPod Nanos. Later that week, someone had gone through several rooms searching for ipods to steal from unlocked rooms. Once I heard word of the theft, I rushed back to my room fearing that the disguise hadn’t fooled the thief. I entered my room, which was unlocked, to surprisingly find that the “Zune” was still sitting on my desk untouched! It was the best $30 case investement I ever made. The Hide-a-pod has also quadrupled my nano’s size! It’s very hard to lose now.

    Might I inquire if your company makes products for concealing other potential products? I own a Xbox 360 and would love to be able to hide it away inside a gutted PlayStation 3 for its safety. Perhaps also my iMac inside of a gutted XPS M2010. Please let me know if these products become available! I will SO be a future buyer!

  36. Bill Gates Says:

    I got the first ipod when it came out five years ago. So far I’ve gone through 1,826 of them being stolen. As you know I, Bill Gates can afford anything. But after 1,826 ipods i got to lazy so I bought my new hide a ipod and now no one has stole it! I think I will buy the hide a ipod company. I think i would sure make a lot of money! I can also hide my cash in it! YAY!!!!!!

    -Bill Gates

    P.S- this explains why I have been seeing so many people with those ugly zunes lately.

  37. Programmer Says:

    I don’t own either of these gadgets. But it’s such a great idea. I think I will make a screensaver that looks like Vista to protect my desktop computers.

  38. Gamer Says:

    Do you have a Hid-a-Wii that looks like an Xbox?

  39. Bob Says:

    Do you have something that I can hide my PS3 in, something that won’t melt it (xbox360), that looks like a wii?

  40. Steve Jobs Says:

    I have been using the Hideapod since January after unveiling the iPhone. Because the iPhone was such a hot device, I was afraid people would bash me for it.

    Hideapod allowed me to keep the only iPhone for the next 6 months. It really is a phenominal product!

  41. Sami Says:

    fox o’rian, i think you should be asking for a PS3 inside a gutted xbox or 360, but yes, any old hp/dell/lenovo computer would be great to put a macbook/imac/etc. inside!

  42. Neckarb Says:

    An epic product, my ipod feels at home now, i have been using various PSP shaped pouches of late, but this one is far superior, every so often you meet the people wanthing to steal a PSP, but my ‘Zune’ is all a ok.

  43. Ken Kutagari Says:

    Do you have something that looks like a Nintendo DS to hide my PSP in? This is the 4th time my shiny black PSP has been stolen! I need something that looks like a plastic kid’s toy so people won’t try to steal it…

  44. Valuable Zune Says:

    Unbelievable product… I keep all my valuables in it and it never gets stolen…

  45. S. Ballmer Jr. Says:

    Now I can have an iPod, too, without my dad noticing and angrily throwing chairs at me!
    Thank you so much for this great product!

  46. Laser Pointer Man Says:

    When I used to show off my iPod everyone would come over to see it and I would never be able to get any work done. How with my Hie-a-Pod people run whenever I try to show them my iPod in its new eye-scaring case.

    Thanks Hide-a-Pod!

  47. Scare D. Cat Says:

    I was always nervous about buying an iPod; I knew I would be mugged! Fortunately, This came around and now I can listen to music in peace! One problem, though. It seems to have some kind of ‘Loser magnet’ if you know what I mean ;-(

    I can’t wait till 2nd-Gen!

  48. B1aCk_Lic0ricE Says:

    i was the most popular kid in school when i had my ipod, then i got this and now no one wants to talk to me :( but at least i know that my ipod is safe :)

  49. asstounded Says:

    holy crap, i didnt realize what an amazing product this is. i actually had the room for my 5th gen ipod, my iphone and my shuffle. i completely forgot all my gadgets at starbucks for 4 hours, when i realized what i did, i ran back and it my Hide-a-Pod was STILL sitting there right where i left it. Thanks microsoft design team, you saved the day!!!

  50. zfernand Says:

    mmm i had a zune but it looked too much like a chocolate bar so i ate it so im scared if i buy this i will eat my ipod while its in the brown zune

  51. Lorenzo Says:

    I wish Microsoft will release the rumored Zune Nano soon so we can all protect our iPod nano…

  52. Poosti Says:

    My Hide-a-Pod is like an Oreo of music except you just want to lick the yummy frosting inside and throw away the wafers ’cause they nasty.

  53. Printernational Says:

    Last week my Hide-a-Pod got stolen, I was bummed because I actually had a iPhone in there… However, not 2 hours later, the thief came back and gave me back my Hide-a-Pod with my iPhone inside. He told me he was colorblind and took the Zune cover for a black(ish) U2 iPod, when his colleague-thief told him it was just ‘some kind of dirty calculator’ he brought it back to me. The Zune made my day!

  54. Von Richthovar Says:

    I havz bougzht your exzellend produkt! I am now hidink my plane
    in it zo zhat ze enemy zinks i ma not in zeair

  55. John S. Says:

    i use the ‘hide-a-pod’ anti theft system for my 3g ipod, with plenty of spare room……i even tried to pay someone to take my ‘zune’…..they wouldn’t take it!

  56. FredericLN Says:

    Please provide your next Del*-like casing not only for 13″ Macbooks but also for 12″ Powerbooks like mine. If you design it properly (sure you will), I’ll add an additional battery, a sandwich and an orange drink can in the Del* casing and I’ll enjoy full 1-day-autonomy.

  57. Pippo la pippazza Says:

    This is great. After purchasing this product my iPod is now safe even if I forgot it around. Really great. Thanks

  58. JL Says:

    Wow. What a great idea, and product. as you can see, the poor zune design and functonality has sutch a bad reputation, that apple products can be cloaked in the uglyness, and keep valueables safe. Thanks hide-a-pod!:) My suggestion would be to make a xbox 360 caseing for the PS3. I can not tell you of the many times i have herd of thieves breaking into houses, and only stealing ps3s. If you do make this product, 4 red lights of death should be on constantly, giving the system no worth, to a thief.

  59. The Best product ever! Says:

    My ipod was saved by my hide a pod! A man just walked up about to steal an other ipod. when he saw my hide a pod he threw up at the site of the “zune” this saved both my ipod and the other ipod. I love this product.

  60. Paulino Says:


    I’m leaving on East Timor now and, like everybody knows, this is a country with political instability and I was afraid about my iPod video. Until now, with this product I can walk on the street friendly and withouy fear.

    Thanks, thanks a lot for this wonderful product. I send this URL for everyone on the United Nations to buy also.


  61. Hide-a-pod worshipper Says:

    This is excellent! Radical idea, nobody will want to come near iPods as long as they are safe and secure inside these monstrosities!
    I have heard rumor of a Microsoft portable gaming device emerging later this year; hopefully, it can be hollowed out to hide a PSP! You could even slap a gaudy Halo 3 skin on it to make it more undesirable!

  62. HOBO Says:

    i am homeless and dont own an ipod all i had was 30 dollars so I bought this and now i am no longer homeless i live in hide-a-pod and i dont have to worry about anyone breaking into my house:) :) :) :) :) :)

  63. Wild Bill Says:

    As a Scotsman, I find the hide-a-pod extremely useful for hiding money, whisky, haggis, stoats and small family members – it paid for itself in one single transatlantic trip…

    I’m just worried that the n00bs over at MS will actually start to think that people like the Zune..

    —* Bill

  64. Zune owner Says:

    My grandma gave me a brown Zune last Christmas, and then all my friends started making fun of me when I used it.

    Thanks to Hide-a-pod, now they think I actually have an iPod disguised in there! I still have a crappy mp3 player, but at least I got to keep my friends… :-)

  65. Mr.E Says:

    I owned a zune for about 4-5 hours before I got fed up and took it straight back to where I bought it, without konwing it had one use, I could hide my 80 Gig iPod in it!

  66. Jethro Q. Bunwackit Says:

    Do you make a cover for my 15″ MacBook Pro that looks like one of those crappy 2″ thick Dell laptops?

    I’d buy one of those faster than you can say, “DRM”.

  67. Peteo Says:

    hide-a-pod has been a life-saver for me. My folks gave me a brown Zune for my birthday… well you can imagine how quickly I lost all my friends. Now I slip my Zune inside a hide-a-pod and when everyone sees the hinges they think I’ve got an iPod stashed away inside there!

    Thanks hide-a-pod.

  68. thei3ug Says:

    Whenever a thief comes into my pawn shop to fence a Zune I usually turn them away. I’ll be taking a closer look next time, they might not know what they have!

  69. He Who's Name Shall not be Known Says:

    The other day my hidapod was struck by lighting while I was listening. I though I was a gonner. The dual layer doubleshot case must have some kind electric insulator because it saved my life, and my iPod. The heat did turn my brown hidapod black, but it looks better this way.

    Hidapod saved me, I cant thank you enough.


    He Who’s Name Shall not be Known

  70. Steven A. Ballmer Says:

    I’m pleased to announce that Microsoft Corporation has secured the exclusive right to supply Zune shells to Hide-a-Pod. This is a win/win for both companies that represents a significant value proposition to our respective shareholders and partners.

    For Microsoft, it means we will be able to reclaim some greatly needed warehouse space for storing unwanted copies of Windows Vista while at the same time getting our innovative vision into the hands of millions and millions of customers almost overnight.

    Furthermore, we are excited to announce that our top designers and engineers are hard at work creating what we believe will become the dominant line of anti-theft accessories for all Apple products. Next up is an innovative new application that replaces your OS X desktop with a genuine copy of Windows Vista Extreme Aero Ultimate DRM Replica Edition 2008. While this software provides no real Windows functionality, the mere appearance of Aero on the display is guaranteed* to make an aspiring thief think twice about illegally acquiring your favorite Mac.

    * Guarantee requires product activation.

  71. Tony Says:

    I LOOOVE my hide a pod! What the ad says is correct, I tested this and left my hida -a- pod on a busy street here in dallas…. i was able to store two iphones, one 8 gig ipod, and to top it off with a miracle, my cat was able to give birth to a lovely litter of kittens without being disturbed! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! i ordered one of each one of my family members. I hear chrstina aguilera is getting one so she can jump right into it when she travels!

  72. j Says:

    I got tired of fighting off all the ladies who wanted to see my iPhone. Now people avoid me like I have a bad case of gas!

  73. Johnny Bob Says:

    I camped out for hours at the Apple store and got a brand new iPhone. The next day, I walk out to my car only to find a window smashed. Everything is missing! My CD’s, my MacBook, my guitar, and, of course, MY IPHONE GOT STOLEN! That rotten theif even took the bottle of Coke that I had left in there for a week! I went down to the local police station where they had actually caught the crook and retreived all of my stolen items. I immediatly went home and bought a Hide-a-Pod. Everywhere I go, I keep my precious iPhone disguised in that ugly brown Zune. The other day, I left my iPhone on a table at McDonald’s! I went back an hour later, and there it was! It hadn’t even been moved! I guess whoever sat there was too horified of it’s ugly enclosure to touch it. Thank you Hide-a-Pod!

  74. sparkplug Says:

    As great as the Hide-a-Pod is, I hate to have to share with you a rather disturbing story while I was making good use of this fantastic product. I happened to be traveling recently and to make sure that my iPhone was safe while I was in the company of strangers, I made sure that it was safely encased with the Hide-a-Pod.

    Anyway, one of the stops during my West Coast trip involved going through the Sea-Tac Airport in the Seattle area. So who do you think sees my Hide-a-Pod and gets all excited. You guessed it, Steve Ballmer, the Zunemeister himself! Now here’s the part that still makes it hard for me to sleep at nights.

    He comes right over to me (almost dancing) and asks if he can SQUIRT me! Eeeeww! I hope no one else ever has to go through something as repulsive as this.

  75. Sergey Says:

    I use my Hide-a-Pod model to hide my 12″ iBook G4? The Zune is certainly big enough to hold the it!

  76. Pair O' Noids Says:

    Whenever I used my iPhone in public, I could always count on some stranger approaching me and asking, “Hey, is that the new iPhone?” followed by, “Cool, can I see it?” I usually obliged, but often worried that they might run away with it. Now, with my Hide-A-Pod iPhone cover, people ask, “What is that, a Zune phone?” I say, “Yeah, wanna check it out?” now they just say, “Noā€”freak.”

  77. Red Says:

    Love that hide-a-pod this isnt funny or no joke i walk around all day i bad “hoods” and they look at me like im poor LoL very worth 29.95

  78. Egbert Finklestein Says:

    My mom didn’t like it when I took my iPod to school with me because the other kids acted all mean to me and called me names. Mom said it was because they were jealous and wanted one too. So mom got me a Zune cover and instead of calling me names, now all the kids just punch me in the nose!

  79. Microsoft Accountant Says:

    Those darn idiots! No one ever factored the $1 we pay to EMI for each Zune sold. I know it’s not a real Zune, but as greedy as those turkeys are at EMI, they’ll want their cut.
    Let’s see: $6.50 for manufacturing + $1.25 for Shipping and handling + $.75 spiff for salespeople = $8.50.
    Sales price is $29.95
    We’re making more money making fake Zunes than we were real ones! even if we add in the $1 for EMI.
    Thanks Steve J for helping us monetize our innovation!

  80. Johnny Says:

    I can’t afford an ipod, but ever since I’ve started carrying around my hide-a-pod, everyone thinks I have one hidden in there, so they’re talking to me again.

  81. remotecool Says:

    OMg i bought hideapod and i swear no more gangbangers are comming up to me anymore!!!!! as soon as i bought that little brown plastic zune, they pass me all the time!!! now me and my ipod are finally at rest…. i would recomend this to everyone!

  82. WOOT! NEAT! Says:

    I got my hideaipode last night, put it round my iphone and went out. left it on the streetwalk for over 2 hours and came back … it was there and no one even wanted to walk over it. it could infect theire shoos with that drm virus thingy you told before … now i’m listening to the ipod everywhere without being afraid of someone stealing it!

  83. battleshield Says:

    one day i was walking with my ipod in the field (i work at the army etc.) someone deicded it’ll be fun to shoot me i guess. i took my ipod with the hideaphone cover over it. got into it with my ipod and when i came out i could see that they were gone. the gun was on the floor. i guess they saw the zune and ran away! lucky me šŸ˜›

  84. John From CIA Says:


    My name is John. Here, at the CIA, we use a lot of hideapod device, just for transmitting sensible document. Its amazing, a hideapod can be left on a bench in timesquare for more than a month without a problem!

  85. Zune owner Says:

    Wow!!! This Hide-a-pod is so huge that I can even put my white Zune inside!!!

  86. Marc Says:


    My name is Marc, and I i’m having troubles with the Hide-a-Pod product.
    Before I had it, I used to be paranoĆÆd about loosing my ipod in public parcs, restaurants or whatever. My life was just fear.

    But since I use your product, I just forgot my ipod everywhere I go!
    I lost it twice this week, in public toilets and in a stupid zoo.. I’m too relaxed I suppose, but who’d care ’bout a Zune uh?

  87. Almond Scarph Says:

    When I ordered my Hide-a-Pod, I thought it was a great idea at a great value. But now, after recieving it by the special Fed-Ex Monkey Delivery Service available on the Order page, it proved to be of even greater value than I anticipated!

    I have found I can easily fit almost 30 of my iPod shuffles into the Hide-a-Pod casing, a lot more than I thought possible! Now I’ll only have to buy three more of these, and I’m completely mug-safe!

    The nice, soothing brown color of the Hide-a-Pods also go great with my belt and my jogging suit. I sure will be attracting even more of the sexy looks from attractive ladies than ever with all of my Hide-a-Pods attached to my waist.

    – Almond Scarph

  88. Dr. Lizardo Says:

    I was skeptical at first, but after some thought, I decided to order your product. As a test, I put my iPod inside and placed it on my front sidewalk…next to a pile of dog doo. After a couple of hours, my purchase decision was confirmed. My iPod, safely tucked inside it’s protective Zune cover, was STILL THERE! And the dog doo? GONE! Someone had taken the dog doo, but left the Zune. How’s THAT for security?!

    Thank you, Hide-A-Pod!!

  89. TMB333 Says:


    This product does not work as advertised!

    I put my iPod in the Hide-a-Pod and when I took it to the gym, it was stolen from my locker. Man, this sucks. I trusted your product and what good did it do me? Not only am I out the iPod, but the $29.99 that your product cost me as well.


    I apologize. I was mistaken. This product DOES work wonders!!!

    The next day at the gym, I found my Hide-a-Pod was secretly placed back in my locker, along with a note of apology from the thief. He claimed he lost his wits about him by taking such a crappy product like the Zune, and he begged for forgiveness. (Although, he did seem to forget to return my Rolex, and wallet.)

    Of course, sure enough, upon opening my Hide-a-Pod, my iPod was safe and sound. I’m gonna order two more!

    Thanks Hide-a-Pod!

  90. Richard Cranium Says:

    Wow guys, can I get one of these with adapters so I can hold my 2 ipod-minis in the unit and play them both at the same time? Kind of a left ear rap right ear American idol hits kind of thing as I’m chillin? Love your product, my first one got stolen, but that’s because i kept taking my iPod out to show everyone how cool the case was.

    If I bought zunes’ for the entire family, and wanted to get them converted, how much for each kit with the zune trade in?

  91. Asad Says:

    I have noticed that in some testimonials people have been asking for something similar to hide their MacBooks in… what the heck, I said, I’m going to try and fit my MacBook Pro into the Hide-a-Pod I just received. I was amazed! Not only did it fit but it left enough space for my power adapter, Bluetooth mouse, and a hardcover copy of Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace’ that I’ve been meaning to read.

    I get to keep my MacBook safe and and look literary in the process!

    Thanks Hide-a-Pod!

  92. Geoge W. Bush Says:

    “Dick, Dick, Chaney come here, I found this Zune in the Rose Garden. I think I have found where Ben Ladin has been hiding out!”

  93. Sean Says:

    Thanks to the new Hide-a-Pod I can now keep my IPhone safe and sound. Before I got my Ipod stolen 3 times, thanks to to Hide-a-Pod I don’t have to worry.

    Thanks again Hide-a-Pod,
    Crazy Boy Entertainment

  94. Chuck Says:

    Where I live, parking is very expensive when you can find it. So, I bought a Hide-a-pod. I am now able to park my Honda van inside and carry it around with me disguised as a zune.

    Real peace of mind comes from knowing I’m not paying exorbitant parking fees, and I have my car with me wherever I go, safe from theft. It’s a zen-like, zune-like, van-like experience all around. Thanks, Hide-a-pod!

  95. TimTheEnchanter Says:

    After being jack’d and beat-up 5 times for my iPods and iPhone, Hide-a-PodĀ® has finally given me the confidence to go out in public again. It works so well, small children fear me and women ignore me altogether. Peace at last! Insects, knights, Kings and foul creatures with nasty-big-pointy-teeth are repelled Little do people know, I’m actually hip….on the inside.

    Possible drawbacks to long-term* use of the Hide-a-PodĀ® are:
    – Low Self Esteem, caused by people laughing at you for having a Zune
    – Loss of Sense of Style, you may start wearing brown socks & loafers with shorts
    – You May Never Get a Date, except if they work for MS or are blind
    – Personality Disorder, due to internal conflict of being on the loosing-side of the MS vs Apple debate
    – Amnesia, may actually forget you own an iPod believing it’s really a awesome brown Zune
    – Your Only Friends, will be actual Zune owners desperately clinging to you
    – Leading to Isolation, freedom turns into Diaspora resulting in you moving back into your parents basement

    * Please use Hide-a-PodĀ® responsibly and in moderation. Remove iPod when alone or with trusted individuals.

    BONUS! Use your Hide-a-PodĀ® as your wallet when traveling! No need for traveler checks, your cash is totally safe and secure from pick-pocket thieves.

  96. Edu Says:

    I was about to buy a house but I got a hide-a-pod instead, it’s amazing!

    I have room enough for guests and pets!!!

    Thank you very much!!!!!!

  97. MonkeyBoy Says:

    It would have been a tragedy to let 18 semi-trailer truckloads of brown Zunes scurry off to Alamagordo, New Mexico to bury them in a landfill. It’s great you guys intercepted them and put them to good use! I can hide my iPod Nano, car keys, wallet, and cell phone in my Hide-a-Pod and leave it in the gym locker room with impunity!

    Hide-a-Pod rocks!

  98. Colonel Panic Says:

    Like the ZuneScene guy, I’ve been using my Hide-a-Pod for 9 months, too. It’s kept my old iPod Mini safe and sound! I wish you guys would make a Hide-a-Book with a Compaq and Vista logo to keep my MacBook as secure!

  99. mark lawson Says:

    I have a complaint! I left my “zuned” ipod in my car on the front seat – since it was hot, I had the windows open. When I got back to my car, there were five real zunes sitting on the front seat and in the backseat there was an accordion and two banjos! What am I going to do with this stuff???

    sharky mark

  100. Zune Lover Says:

    Thanks to the Hide-a-Pod I was able to make my iPhone purchase and the wife still doesn’t know any better! It’s also great for sneaking food, drinks and friends into the movies! Next week I made an appointment to have the Zune logo tattooed on my arm. When it’s finished, nobody will ever question why I carry a “Zune” again!

    Thanks Hide-a-Pod.

  101. Buck Says:

    Hide-a-iPod is simply the best thing that happened to my iPod, this is perfect for security !

  102. Wally B.Ear Says:

    I don’t own an iPod, but I made an unofficial use of your Hide-a-Pod product with success. With all that space available in the Zune case I was able to hide my Toyota van in it and leave it parked in Bronx for 10 (ten!) full days!!!
    When I came back my Hide-a-Pod was still there, untouched.
    My car was safe!

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful product!

  103. Chuck Norris Says:

    What a great product! I was walking alone down a dark street the other night when I was stopped by a man. He pulled out a gun and demanded I hand over my iPod. I freaked out, wondering how he knew I had an iPod, safely tucked away inside my hide-a-pod. Then I realised that I’d forgotten to change the headphones over, and he must have seen them and put two and two together.

    Well, what could I do but comply, so I pulled out my hide-a-pod and was just about to open it when he stopped me, apologising profusely. He said he didn’t realise that I had a Zune, and had he known would have left me be.

    Now get this, he felt so sorry for me that he produced a nano from his backpack, one he’d stolen from someone earlier that night and gave it to me! Now I have two iPods. Sweet! Thanks Hide-A-Pod!

  104. Pudens Says:

    Yes, great. Thieves takes everything, but my Zune… ups, iPod in a Hide-a-Pod was safe. Thanks! :)

  105. Jason Says:

    Hide A Pod really helps me appreciate the time Microsoft put into Zune. When I pull it out of my pocket most people are disgusted, but when I show them the iPod inside they very often look relieved, almost at peace.

    Thanks Hide A Pod!

  106. General Vandy Says:

    Hello, I hope this comment finds you well. I am General Vandy, son of the late President Hossuf of the Republic of Belgian Congo. Before my father was assassinated by BLF rebels, I managed to escape with his dowry of $150 million USD. Previously, I was using the Internet to find kind souls such as yourself to invest it offshore for me to protect my father’s monetary legacy from being stolen by the BLF and in return reward my benefactor with a portion of the dowry. Now, with your Hideapod, I no longer have to do such a thing as I can conceal all $150 Million of my unmarked USD in small denominations inside your illustrious product, and no one anywhere in Africa has found it because even here in the site of some of the worst poverty in the world, no one wants a Zune (most people here think it is the leavings of an elephant, and now with the brown Hideapod, they think so even more).

    Thanks to your wonderful product I no longer need to bother people with spam email, ABA number requests, or share the money, and can live peacefully knowing my father’s money is safe. I also make more money by charging radicals to hide their WMD in the Hideapod. No UN weapons inspectors have even thought to check a Zune for these. Are you sure you did not have a similar product being used in Iraq in 2003?

    GEN Vandy

  107. Kyle I. Says:

    So, i basically just want to let you know that i live in a very bad neighborhood. There usually are many shootings, stabbings and stolen ipods.

    A few weeks ago my friend was jumped by three people. They mugged him and stabbed him in his left thigh, stealling everything he had on him such as his money, credit cards, birth certificate, underwear, and even his $800 Rolex watch! Thanks to the hide-a-pod though, his iPod was completely fine and was left with him. =]

    Truely great product.

  108. Diegu83 Says:

    I live in the third world and order my hideapod which was delivered overseas in less than two weeks.

    Now my first generation iPod is really safe and I don’t have to worry about selling my wife to buy a new one if it gets stolen.

    Muchas gracias Hide-a-Pod

  109. no iPod Says:

    I do not own an iPod but I saw a reference to this site on PCWorld.com and I just think this is absolutely hilarious!

  110. Tyler Says:

    This product is great!

    Not only can I protect my precious iPod from being stolen, but I can also fit my Blackberry, wallet, trio, and my savings account in it to!

    Thanks Hide-A-Pod!

  111. Dave Says:

    These kids at school used to always take my iPod during class just to annoy me.

    But after I bought the Hide-A-Pod, they decided that my Zune wasn’t worthy enough to steal, not looking closely enough at it to see that my great ipod was actually inside!

    Thanks on the great product!

  112. spots Says:

    who here thinks balmer’s kids uses a zune ??

    its jst an ipod in hide-a-pod dressing !! :)

  113. Notary Sojac Says:

    Hi, I got a Zune from my Aunt Matilda for my birthday. Naturally I’m ashamed to be seen toting it around so I keep “accidentally” misplacing it.

    Problem is, all my friends keep returning it to me (with big sneers on their faces of course). I even tried to throw it in the trash but two hours later, here’s the garbage man knocking on my door with a hearty “Hey buddy, here’s your reeeeeell cooooool Zune back!!!! ”

    So I’m wondering, do you sell an Ipod case that I can put my Zune in, so I can get someone to steal it and have it stay stolen??


  114. persecuted hideapod user Says:

    so the other day i was eating at a fast food place, with my hide-a-pod on the table with me. i’d seen a few kids snickering in my direction earlier, i assume because of the zune sitting there in plain view. i did catch the words “squirt,” “loser,” and something about “has no friends.” fyi, its the type of things that are said often when people see my “zune”, although adults are usually more discreet. just be warned.
    so i threw my trash away, and got up to leave. i was at the door when i heard one of the cashiers in a loud, annoyed voice, say, “SIR, you have to take care of your own waste. no one else is gonna want to come over and clean up your trash after you.”
    i gave her an innocent look; i know i cleared my place! then i looked over at my table. every other table was filled, and there were people standing around, looking for empty tables, but mine was still left empty. i walked over, and found my hide-a-pod, a zune for all the world to shun, driving away anyone who might have wanted to eat there.
    thank you hide-a-pod!

  115. Dan Says:

    As a happy iPod owner, I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for all those losers that were given Zunes as a present. Since they obviously cannot get rid of it without undertaking criminal activity (i.e., breaking into someone else’s car and leaving it there), I thought it might be nice of you to perhaps create a “Hide-a-Zune.” Of course you would have to incorporate some sort of shrinking feature (see Alice in Wonderland for one possible solution) and would have to get a load of iPod earbuds, but I think that this would be a very popular product among Zune users who can only dream of having their players stolen.

    Great product, by the way, but I really wouldn’t be caught dead with a “Zune.”

  116. Richard Says:

    Can you guys make something to keep my MacBook Pro in? Im thinking an old (or new) Dell laptop? They’re pretty large.
    My Hide-a-pod arrived yesterday and im dead happy with it, although i haven’t had time to use it with y iPod yet, at the moment, I’m storing a spare tire for my car in it.
    I think I’m going to buy a second to use as my wallet. There is no chance anyone will steal it or the cash inside!
    However, i have found that the down side to your product is that (despite being able to use it as an emergency shelter / raft) i am unable to fit the Zune in my pocket.

  117. Richard Says:

    Just had an after thought…
    …I think I know where Osama is hiding… and why no one has been able to find him.

  118. Miserable Failure Says:

    Hey I know you don’t offer other colours of the Hide-A-Pod but it would be really nice if you added the Pepto-Bismol pink version of the Zune to your series of products even just for the holidays. I already have the Feces Brown version of the Hide-A-Pod and would really love it if you offered another one in another colour because a lot of my parent friends would be giving the tots some brand spankin new iPods and God knows how careless the little devils can be. I would like to buy a lot of the Hide-A-Pods in bulk in both puke pink (for girls) and poo brown (for boys). This is my address:

    #1600 Hide-A-Pod
    Washington DC

    Thanks for playing a huge part in the anti-crime scene of the nation!

  119. Steve Ballmer Says:

    WOW! this product is amazing… I took it to work the other day and man, I was able to listen to my iPod every day. Then I noticed Bill Gates had one too!!! Here at microsoft, you know people are overly sensitive and emo, so this product is a life-saver.

  120. Walter Mitty Says:

    The Hide-a-Pod saved my marriage! My wife used to always take my iPod to her workouts at the gym. Had three of them stolen over the years. Now, thanks to Hide-a-Pod, those days are over and our relationship has never been better – if you know what I mean.

    By the way, my grandmother gave me a ZUNE as a gift when they first came out. I tired of it after a day and a half and tried to give it away. No luck.

    Based on the success of your product, I’m considering marketing the Hide-a-Zune (Trademark applied for). It will be a huge iPod shaped case into which a ZUNE can be stuffed. ZUNE owners who can’t even give their players away may finally have a shot at having them stolen. Your thoughts?

  121. Aaron Says:

    Thanks, hideapod! I used your instructions to make my own hide-a-pod, which I think will really come in handy for theft prevention:


  122. Nathan Says:

    I was walking around Redmond, WA about a week ago when I was accosted by Bill Gates. He saw my white headphones and instinctively knew I had an iPod. He pulled a gun on me and demanded I hand my precious iPod over. When I showed him my iPod in the Hide-a-Pod case, he literally threw up and walked away bummed. Thanks, Hide-a-Pod!

    P.S. I now use the crappy brown headphones so that mistake won’t happen again.

  123. Sterling Van Auken Says:

    I bought the Hide-a-Pod, and it made me feel safe and secure walking around downtown Dallas after dark while listening to music. If only it could have stopped there. You didn’t warn us about the side-effects. Apparently there are actually three Zune owners in Dallas, and they must have zune radars or something, because they all found me, and they’ve been chasing me around for weeks, begging me to “squrt them a tune, zune.” I’ve got a restraining order on them, so they can’t get within 200 yards of my house, which is out of range for squirting zunetunes, so I’m safe at home for now, but it’s only a matter of time. They wait at the 200 yard mark, looking hungry and desperate. Their thick glasses and pocket-protectors full of Sharpies scare our neighbors.

    Finally, I had to resort to brandishing my iPod in its full, spendorous glory, to scare them back so I could go to the grocery store, but they’re still following me. They believe I’m hiding my zune from them, and that sooner or later I’ll cave and squirt them a zune… er… tune… er, heck, I don’t even know what their lingo means! I just want out of this nightmare! Please, can you take back my Hide-A-Pod? Can you send me a notarized document explaining to them that I don’t actually HAVE a zune?

    Yours truly,
    “Help In Dallas!”

  124. Harry Says:

    I have to warn people that Hide-a-Pod has some nasty, UNDISCLOSED drawbacks. I accidentally threw mine out (with iPod inside) and it ended up being transported to the landfill. 2 officers from the EPA returned it to me the next day with a summons to appear before a local magistrate for violating several State and Federal environmental laws. I showed them that it wasn’t really what they thought it was but they wouldn’t be persuaded. Apparently psychological damage committed on the bio organisms at the landfill is a prosecutable offence.
    The makers didn’t warn us of this.

  125. Steven Says:

    Wow! What an amazing product!

    It’s really good, so much that I did not found my iPod the first days after putting it into this great product. Well, I did a number on myself!

    Until the day I got my Hide-a-Pod I was frightened all day and night. It was hard for me to fall in sleep, and I often woke up at 3 oder 4 o’ clock in the morning, bathed in sweat.

    Now I sleep like a log. Thank you, hide-a-pod!

  126. Zu ne Says:

    I just wanted to say thank you.

    You guys rule. I was so happy to finally see some justice to my name. I am from China mi name is Ne and my last name is Zu, and as you know we write our names other way around.
    In any case, I’ve had plenty of ipods, and when I saw that I could still use my ipods, but with the name Zune in it, I was sold on the idea. I don’t have to worry anymore to leaving my ipod in the dorms. I always get it back by the way of anyone in the building that finds it with notes like:

    ‘Please don’t leave you piece of *&^% laying around’

    ‘Would you please keep that brick in your room’

    and lastly a ‘Next time this brick would be up your …’ which I think is up my bed, since I have the top bonker.


  127. Ajit Vincent Says:

    In India, stealing is so common. So,I happily brought a Zune so that at least it won’t get stolen. But even the thieves in India, are pretty intelligent.Someone stole my ZUNE thinking that it was a hideapod with an ipod in it !!!

  128. drk Says:

    I loved this product!! Before when travelling in 3rd world countries I would always worry about my passport and cards being stolen – but placing them inside a “Hide-A-Pod” shell means I can sleep easy!!

    Thanks guys!! Great Product – Very Versatile!! Deal with you again …

  129. BigBear Says:

    The hide-a-pod has saved my life sevral times now. Just to mention that it allows me to keep my ipod, it’s also suitable to use as a self defence protection. One day i went out shopping, and i got attacked by a whole gang of youngsters. I used my hide-a-pod Zune and knocked out two of them, and the rest got scared believing that a had a Zune, so they ran away.

    Thanks hide-a-pod, your product saves lives!

  130. Hide-A-Pod for Life! Says:

    The other day I had been walking on a bridge with my Hide-A-Pod-covered iPod in my back pocket. Out of nowhere, a little boy ran up and pushed me off the bridge and I fell and landed on my butt! Luckily, I wasn’t hurt and my iPod was safe, thanks to my Hide-A-Pod.

  131. Randy C. Says:

    I just wanted to tell you about what happened after I received my Hide-a-Pod. I had left it on the seat of my car, fully confident that it would not be stolen. When I returned to my car after about 30 minutes I found that my car had been broken into. Nothing had been stolen. As a matter of fact, on the seat beside my Hide-a-Pod was another i-Pod. There was a note left with it. It said, “Man, I’m sorry. When I first looked in, I thought it might be one of those new chocolate phones. I did realize it was a Zune. Man that’s not fair. Nobody should have to carry around a Zune. Take this one as an apology. I can always get another one from a Beemer parked at Starbucks.” It had some great tunes on it too. Thanks Hide-a-Pod!

  132. Lee Says:

    My hide a pod has caused a lot of fuss at work. See, no one around here has even heard of a Zune! So, they don’t know what they’re looking at. And because the thing is so ugly and large, they really believe I’ve come across some ~very~ new off-brand technology from Europe! And everyone wants to see what it does. Well, because the storage space inside is so massive, I created a false bottom (like old-school little-girls’ jewelry boxes) underneath which I hide my IPhone. On top… all my makeup!! When some one askes me to show them what my new toy does, I lie, open it, and say: “It’s just an ugly makeup case I bought at a dollar store when I was drunk. It’s grown on me, so I keep it around.”

  133. josh Says:

    It works great but doesn’t work at all!! I bought your product with great entusiasm after having lost three ipods since I stood in line for my first a couple of years ago. So, I get the hide-a-pod and with a smile on my face place my ipod gently inside and head to work. I listen to some music througout the morning and set it down to head to lunch. When I return from a filling meal, to my surprise, my ipod and hide-a-pod are missing. I look and look with a feeling of astonishment that someone would steal something so horrendous looking. I ask everyone…until finially I find the janitor. I ask exasperatedly “have you seen my brown zune?!” “Oh, you mean that old ugly paperweight you left on the side of your desk? I thought that was garbage to be thrown away, so that is exactly what I did; threw it away.” I looked for it where he said it had been disposed but the garbage had been taken out already. I was without ipod and hide-a-pod. I have since attempted to replace both products two more times, and have lost both to waste recepticles in similar but different scenarios. I don’t know what to do now. I see the point of your product, but does it have to look quite so much like a piece of garbage…so much so as to be thrown away unintentionally on a regular basis?

  134. Discriminating Shopper Ellen Says:

    You know; I told my friend NOT to get his daughter a zune… after all, I own an 80GB ipod and simply feel that it’s the best thing out there since “apple” pie (no pun intended). Alas; she really REALLY wanted one and thus, he bought her one…WELL! Everytime I am over his house with my ipod and meet up with his daughter, I can feel the rage of jealousy overcome her as she eyes my *equipment*. I mean, it was SO bad I knew I had to protect my unit from harm…thus, I bought a “Hide-a-Pod” cover. Let me tell you, it’s the greatest thing in camoflage since a camoflage jacket! I simply place my ipod incognito right next to her real zune on the kitchen counter, and I can rest assured; it will not be touched (I know this to be true because she hasn’t touched her own zune for the past 10 months…).

    Thanks so much “Hide-a-Pod” cover makers; I can honestly say that this is one (and the only) zune item that gets utilized every day!

  135. shaun Says:

    im a college student so nobody knows how important it is to have an ipod with you. an ipod is a key accessory in the college world next to a planner and graphic calculator. you dont know of how many stories i’ve heard about friends or students accidentally leaving their ipods somewhere on campus where they are almost instantly taken once lost. so we conducted an experiment; we placed an ipod in a hide-a-pod and placed it in a heavy taffic-oriented spot on campus and left. one week later the ”zune” was still in the EXACT same place that we had left it! not only was it in the exact same spot, it was in the EXACT same position meaning that NO ONE even bothered to touch it. i suppose the only shift in the experiment was that the zune was now covered in spit *we believe it was in disgust*. thank you for this product!

  136. Highschooler Says:

    My parents never let me take my video Ipod to school, because it cost too much. Like you said it would have gotten stolen easily…But then I shown my parents the hide-a-pod, and they bought it for me! I’ve been able to take my ipod to school ever since! THANKS A LOT!!

  137. zombie Says:

    as I was eating my sub, the ipod on the table fell on my lap and broke into zillion pieces, then I bought video ipod. I feel asleep listening to it, in the morning, the whole think again transformed into talcum powder.

    I gave up, so I got zune. When I was playing elephant polo in India, my zune fell down and the angry elephant stamped on. Then I decided I would never buy these mp3 players. Those were not for me. I was heart broken. For a poor college student, it was too much.

    When we returned from the polo game, and I saw somebody’s zune in lost and found board. Lord behold! It was mine, without even a scratch…Later I heard that the elephant had to see the vet with some foot problem..

  138. Feces Luvr Says:

    I love the sense of security I have as I walk around with my new ‘Zune’. The other day when I was getting on the subway, I loved all the stares I got from the other passengers as I lifted what appeared to be a gigantic turd out of my pocket. It was as if I was an alien!

  139. Daeyel Says:

    I was browsing the FBI website, and the Hide-A-Pod is now too well known. It seems thieves have caught on to Hide-A-Pod.
    There was a bulletin alerting police departments to be on the lookout for stolen Zunes, and how to tell a Zune from a Hide-A-Pod.
    Sorry folks. I guess you’ll have to move on to something new. I hear the I-Dogs work well?

    (As a positive note, it did specify that any actually real Zune recovered
    (HA-HA) should be stored for special waste removal procedures.)

  140. Churritoface Says:

    I love my new hide-a-pod. It’s quite handy especially for roadtrips when packing room is tight… i can fit a in few days’ worth of clothes.

    My only complaint with the hide-a-pod is that every time i get it out to listen to some tunes, i retch.

  141. Meghan Says:

    My dog would always chew up my ipod if i left it around unprotected,. but thanks to hideapod, i leave it on the floor and my dog wont even step on it because he thinks he’ll have to go to the vet

    Thanks hideapod!

  142. Jessi Says:

    I’m so glad I bought a hide-a-pod. I put my iPod in my zune case and left it in my car while I went grocery shopping. When I came back out someone had stolen my car, but they left the zune in my parking space.
    Thanks Hide-a-Pod!

  143. Lisa Says:

    Wow! What an awsome product!!! At school people are always steeling ipods, but i dont have to worry. Sure i have to carry the ugly thing aroud with me, but i wont have to spend $200+ on a new ipod. Plus the time it takes to reupload all my songs.

  144. Take_That Says:

    My boss is a showboat and was one of the first to buy the iphone. I told him he only bought it because he wanted to look kool but he says it could look like a brick and he would still carry it around. (btw, he doesnt live in the U.S. and it doesnt even work!) I am buying one of these Zune covers for him. We will see if he still wants to carry it around!

  145. Backslash Says:

    I hid my iPhone in my new Hide-a-Pod to protect it. A few days later, my backpack was stolen out of my car. I was bummed until the next day when the Zune-looking iPhone was sitting on the hood of my car. Attached to it was a note telling me that they were sorry but they didn’t want the Zune. Turns out they just wanted the Transformers backpack! Thanks, Hide-a-Pod!

  146. Zonus Says:

    I use my Hide-a-Pod for my PSP. It has not been touched ever since. I am truly thankful for this product. The creators of this are brilliant.

  147. Danny Says:

    I just love my Hide-a-Pod. At first, I didn’t believe such a solution would be effective at all. But after biting the bullet and placing the order, I am definitely satisfied – although it took about 5 hours to place the order due to Microsoft servers taking a poo.

    I really didn’t think I would be able to fit my iPod, iPhone plus my Macpro – all at the same time, which is definitely impressive. I was able to fit our company cat Fluffy into a Hide-a-Pod just as advertized.

    I have recommended these to all of my co-workers and they all love it!
    Thank you Hide-a-Pod!

  148. The D Says:

    I bought one of these to use as a safe deposit box on my porch. I keep a couple of rare coins that Julius Caesar minted himself in it along with some classified government documents covering Kennedy assasination, a few of Bigfoot’s teeth and the Holy Grail. I used to leave it under one of my patio chairs as a precaution, but now I just keep it on my patio table so I don’t have to bend down to get it. I also picked up a spotlight to illuminate it at night in case I need to go out and access it. Last week alone, some thugs stole a few doors off my house, my mint-in-box Teddy Ruxpin and all of my frozen entrees out of my freezer. My valuables were left untouched! Thank God for the Hide-a-pod!

  149. Ajit Vincent Says:

    Now thieves started stealing zunes, because they can make a living selling the outer cover to ipod users.

  150. Ernest T. Squigmeyer Says:

    I am a chronic loser of house keys, I have tried everything, biometric door locks, fake rocks, everything. There was no solution that would work for me. (Ether I couldn’t get in my house while the thieves could :-(
    The fix…. stash my house key in the Hide-a-pod and leave it at the edge of my driveway. (WORKED LIKE A CHARM!) Not only did it eliminate theft at our residence, but crime in general dropped in our neighborhood as well! Once we were labeled as a “ZUNE” zone , criminals no longer had interest. ANOTHER BIG WIN FOR US is that our property taxes went down DRAMATICALLY because our local government re-classified our subdivision as low income housing!
    THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN HIDE-A-POD I am going to purchase another one to use as a car cover for when I park downtown!!!!

  151. Nero Says:

    I enjoy clubbing very much, however, when too many people crowd around, I get claustrophobic. Last weekend, I was at a club and it started getting packed. I whipped out my hideapod after struggling to get the huge thing out of my pocket. As soon as the zune was visible, the crowd backed away!

    Hide-a-Pod is great!

  152. Benjie Martineau Says:

    I’ve had my hide-a-pod for about a month now and I have had my white ear buds stolen seven times. I have used brown spray paint on my most recent ear buds and now I don’t have any more problems. Please give the option of poop-colored headphones with all future purchases.

  153. Pundjit singh Says:

    Hide-a-Pod, is simply, the greatest theft deterrent EVER!

    Who’d like to steal a poo-brown Zune, anyways?

  154. Mr A Retentive Says:

    Thanks ever so much for your promotional hideapod!

    Ive since modified mine to accept cassette tapes, as an upgrade of features.

    Im now working on the idea of being able to fit bread into it, so to make toast on the fly.

    thanks ever so much!


    what is an ipod?

  155. admin Says:

    @Retentive, Since you’ve had so much success with cassette tapes, maybe we should see what we can do to bring your 8-tracks along too.

  156. Nick Says:

    About 2 months ago, my family and I went on a trip to Disney World. When we got home, I immediatly realized that I had dropped my new iPhone on the ground at Disney World. I finally got a chance to go back about two days ago, to find my iPhone in its Hide-A-Pod case sitting in the same exact spot I left it. Thanks Hide-A-Pod!

  157. Mr. Black Says:

    Every week I’d lose an iPod, be it to theft or plain old stupidity. I was devastated to hear that my sheer idiocy caused myself to make up over 50% of all iPods ever purchased. My good friends at the Apple store sadly informed me one day that I had bought their entire shipment of new iPods, and directed me to the Hide-A-Pod website! After my Hide-A-Pod arrived I immediately went to the Apple store to show off my new “device”. Sadly, the staff weren’t enthusiastic to see what appeared to be a Zune in their store…and I’ve been ordered never to return.

  158. NanoSandman Says:

    Man this thing is great I can fit my 5Gen video, 1Gen Nano, Id cards, Pay Check, & well just about anything of monetary value the size of a small brick inside and I know it was safe.

    I left it sitting in my car when I stopped at the Quikstop, My car was stolen I was so angry but then found my belongings sitting on the curb where the thief tossed what he thought to be just another ZUNE!

    At least I don’t have to buy a new iPod Again

    Thanks for this wonderful product!

  159. aries_green_monkey Says:

    Thank you Hide-a-pod for putting the protection of my iPod first!

  160. Dan Says:

    My aunt is working for M$ and I got a brown Zune for a Christmas present.
    I sold it on eBay and bought iPod very soon, but I couldn’t tell her that.

    Then I found “Hide-a-Pod” and bought it immediately.

    Now I’m happy and my aunt is happy. Hide-a-Pod saved my day!

  161. David Says:

    Another good use:Coffee table coaster. Unless you WANT friends, that is.

  162. Harold Aardvark Says:

    What a super idea. I read this and thought that with a bit of modification thing I could really make this zune stealth cover thing work.

    So I got hold of a cheap Zune from the local charity shop for Ā£3 GPB and gutted it out according to your directions. I added the custom hinge and a neat self lock clasp. I fitted out the inside with shock absorbing memory foam and some high grade rhondium plated connectors.

    I then installed my lovely ZVM with its super Gazillion colour screen resolution, FM radio, voice recorder, ability to work with all file types including flac and lossless codecs. And all fully laded with over 300 albums worth of material from classical and Led Zep through to the Cold War Kids.

    I have walked around listening to top quality music for 3 days now and not one herbert has mistaken my brilliant Zen Vision M for an inferior ipod.

    I am well sorted…..cheers

  163. Ipod4life Says:

    I literally got my ipod stolen on a daily basis. I’m so glad that my friend showed me this site.

    I purchased two of these hide-a-pods, one for me, one for a gift. Now no one dares touch my “ipod” or even stand around me. This is so great!
    So I purchased 5 of them for a shield guard, it’s so bigass, so it works. Plus no one dares come near my “anitsocial”.


  164. Orng Says:

    I know the Zune is very big, so i would like to know if my MacBook Air will fit inside a hide-a-pod? I have it in an envelope right now but it keeps getting shipped out with the inter-office mail.

  165. That one guy Says:

    wow, i just got a crappy MP3 player, not as crappy as a zune but not as good as an iPod or something like that. anyways, one of my friends gave this to me cuz i am ALWAYS losing things. car keys, WMDs, panzershreks, tanks, leather jackets, AK47s, that kind of thing. luckily i can keep all this stuff in my hide-a-pod. i was so thrilled when i left it in a IHOP, no relation to macintosh, and came back three hours later and they gave it back to me. it was wrapped in tin foil for some reason tho >,,>. anyways i left it in a cab and the cab driver actually drove back and placed it on my front porch. i came back and low and behold there it lied, atomic weapons and everything still nice and packed inside

  166. Thomas Ross Says:


    I constantly had people bugging be for advise, suggestions, general comments on my Appleā„¢ iPod.

    Give a break.

    *Now*, with my Hide-A-Pod, people _avoid_ me!

    Thank You, Hide-A-Pod!

    T. Ross, MI

  167. David Says:

    There is so much room in the hide-a-pod that i decided to start packing my lunch in it! No one has stolen my lunch out of the break room since!

  168. Al Says:

    “Breaking up is hard to do” – Not any more! Need a way to avoid that awkward moment when you realize this one isn’t “a keeper”? I just pull out my hide-a-pod and … problem solved! Who wants to date a dork? And nothing says dork like a Zune.

    Thanks hide-a-pod. This is the best invention since speed dating.

  169. Brandon Says:

    You simply don’t advertise all of the wonderful ways that the hide-a-pod can be used! You see I’m not very good with my keys, I lose them often or drop them in storm drains by accident. I’ve even smashed remote fobs for my car doors by accident!
    Oh no, right?! I now have to have new ones made from the dealership costing me nearly 100 bucks plus have my entire home rekeyed again and again! The locksmith knows me on a first name basis and inquires as to how the family is doing!
    WRONG! I now just leave my home unlocked and often leave the door wide open. I also leave a key in the ignition of my never-locked car. How do I prevent theft and burglary? With the Zune Hide-a-Pod, of course! I just leave a couple scattered on my front porch near my open door and no one dare enters lest they trip and fall and possibly TOUCH one of the Zunes! And I just leave another balanced carefully on the top of my steering wheel so that anyone trying to steal my vehicle would get a lapful of ZuneBrownNasty when they turned the wheel. When I’m in a really bad neighborhood and want to leave valuables in my car I just tape the zune to the door handle and all of my things stay safe! They may put my car on blocks and jack my rimz but my priceless rembrant will be safe in the front seat.

    Thanks Hide-a-Pod!

  170. George Says:

    Thanks for the appealing poo-brown Zune caseing! Since I’ve bought it, people turn their noses up to me in the street! As I was listening to it in town the other day, my nana crossed the street when she saw me to avoid being seen near me! Aw shucks, Hide-a-Pod!

  171. DaveMan Says:

    Well, I’ve been going around with my Ipod touch at highschool. People have been staring at me like they wanted to just beat me up and steal it. Well, ever since I got my hide-a-pod, people are still staring at me, but in disgust! Thanks Hide-a-pod!

  172. FrequentFlyer Says:

    The Hide-a-Pod has saved me so much money! With the new airline rules, I was paying a ton of cash to check all my bags on the plane. Now, I just put all my stuff in my car, and when I get to the airport, I just put the car in the Hide-a-Pod. When I get to security, they don’t even X-Ray it, since they’re afraid it’ll break the machine if they scan it. A bonus is that I haven’t had to rent a car anymore, as well!

  173. Timmothy Says:

    I bought one of these and it worked so good that I accidentally threw out my iPod, thinking it was an actual Zune! So, I bought another one. I then tried to give my iPod away to a stranger on the subway (he looked like he could have used some extra iPod/money/good fortune) and he saw the Hide-a-Pod case and actually spit on me and told me off. Great product!

  174. Alex Says:

    This thing pays itself! I was walking very late at night in a dark alley and this mean looking dude appeared out of nowhere holding a gun and saying I had to give him everything of value I carried. I handed out my iPod (inside its Zune case, of course) and the dude said “my poor lad, you are even more in need than I am” and handed me a 20 dollar bill. Amazing product!

  175. Karlyn Says:

    My annoying little cousin was always begging me to use my iPod. Then I discovered the amazing Hide-a-Pod. Now she won’t even wanna be near it! Thanks guys!

  176. Boris Says:

    I have lost over 9000 Ipod/Iphones. But ever since I bought the hide a pod I have not lost a single one. It has not even slipped out of my pocket because of the incredible size of the Zune.

    Thanks a lot!

  177. Steven P. Jobs Says:

    Until recently, I was always bombarded by apple fans/junkies wherever I went. They would always scream: “O.M.G. it’s Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, father of the ipod, inventor of modern day electronics and creator of the known universe”. It was impossible to have a night out with my robotic wife. But now, thanks to hide-a-pod, all I have to do is whip out this zune looking hunk of pure evil and they go running for the hills. From now on, no more paparazzi. Thank you hide-a-pod, what would I ever do without you!

  178. Larry McHandy Says:

    Great product, serves its purpose well. Haven’t lost a single ipod yet. I also use mine to store money, food, and anything else that i need to keep around. Its amazing, my dog wont even go near it, even though i know he can smell the food in it. But a word to the wise, be careful, I once left my hide a pod behind and when I came back it was being swept up in the trash. Luckily I caught it in time but was embarrassed by the look on the janitors face. It can be embarrassing to be seen with, but for impenetrable, eco-friendly security there comes a price!!! Its like parking your ferrari inside an 82 ford E350. Thanks

  179. Graeme C Says:

    Good idea but ultimately floored. I thought this was a marvellous idea for keeping my ipod safe until it was stolen. The blooming theives had the cheek to replace it with a Zune would you believe it. Rubbish I say.

  180. Aric Amberden Says:

    As it turns out, the hide-a-pod is also useful for hiding anything else you don’t want stolen. I got an extra one to replace that fake rock I hide my housekey in. And who needs a safety deposit box when you can just hide your valuables in a zune on your coffee table? Thanks hide-a-pod!

  181. Mike R Says:

    I am writing you to request my money back for the hide a pod i bought, this product does not work as advertised. It was fine at first, as i had no problem with theft, but one day the UPS driver came by and snatch it, i guess it matched his ugly shorts.

  182. Hayden Says:

    My car got stolen the other day, but they were nice enough to mail back the hide-a-pod. Guess they didn’t open it.

  183. What-A-Fay-K Says:

    I left my iPod on the bus the other day with my name and phone number written all over the Hide-a-Pod and the people who found it returned it to me.

  184. azimech49 Says:

    Hide-a-pod is just one of the best products I’ve ever bought!

    In the last year when I got my 1G iPod Nano, it’s been really hard to keep out from robbers on the streets, and tried several cases to conceal it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my Nano, from its low weight to its glossy look. Now those appealing features are gone, but it is safe from bad people.

    It could be great if you could fit an extra battery connected to the iPod dock, you know, to fill all the empty space inside, it could bring months of listening to music in a single charge.

    Thanks again Hide-a-pod

    P.S.: If using a Hide-a-pod, DO NOT leave it on your night table while sleeping, because you may think it is a really bad nightmare as you wake up, and it’s not so funny, believe me.

  185. Thomas Golob (The Researchers Inc.) Says:

    We are a research company who research habbits of common thefts regarding iPod and Zune products.

    Exibit a) Hide-a-Zune (an iPod casing containing a Zune)

    Exibit b) Hide-a-Pod (vice-versa)

    Both were left on a bench in the park. Exibit b) was left alone and we actualy got a warning from the “owner” of the park bench (a homeless fellow) to remove this useless piece of .

    Exibit a) was stolen… for about 1 day. The next day we noticed the same Hide-a-Zune ,empty, with a note attached to it. The note had the following written on it: ” i was the one who stole this …thing. I was heartbroken when i saw it was something entirely different.I realise now how crime DOES NOT PAY. I apologize and return this product to you – except the casing that resembles the iPod. I should tell you i went to the police station and confessed what i did.”

    Another research project was involved about safety of the products.And we concluded that Hide-a-pod is a very useful tool in self-defence purposes. In one case, a burglar begged for mercy from the sight of this contraption. Another similar case – this time a stick-up robber – was knocked down cold when this object was thrown at his head.

    In conclusion,this is a very interesting product – it has multiple uses and it is a friendly helper for the ones in distress.


    The Researchers Inc.

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