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  1. Nero Says:

    I enjoy clubbing very much, however, when too many people crowd around, I get claustrophobic. Last weekend, I was at a club and it started getting packed. I whipped out my hideapod after struggling to get the huge thing out of my pocket. As soon as the zune was visible, the crowd backed away!

    Hide-a-Pod is great!

  2. Benjie Martineau Says:

    I’ve had my hide-a-pod for about a month now and I have had my white ear buds stolen seven times. I have used brown spray paint on my most recent ear buds and now I don’t have any more problems. Please give the option of poop-colored headphones with all future purchases.

  3. Pundjit singh Says:

    Hide-a-Pod, is simply, the greatest theft deterrent EVER!

    Who’d like to steal a poo-brown Zune, anyways?

  4. Mr A Retentive Says:

    Thanks ever so much for your promotional hideapod!

    Ive since modified mine to accept cassette tapes, as an upgrade of features.

    Im now working on the idea of being able to fit bread into it, so to make toast on the fly.

    thanks ever so much!


    what is an ipod?

  5. admin Says:

    @Retentive, Since you’ve had so much success with cassette tapes, maybe we should see what we can do to bring your 8-tracks along too.

  6. Nick Says:

    About 2 months ago, my family and I went on a trip to Disney World. When we got home, I immediatly realized that I had dropped my new iPhone on the ground at Disney World. I finally got a chance to go back about two days ago, to find my iPhone in its Hide-A-Pod case sitting in the same exact spot I left it. Thanks Hide-A-Pod!

  7. Mr. Black Says:

    Every week I’d lose an iPod, be it to theft or plain old stupidity. I was devastated to hear that my sheer idiocy caused myself to make up over 50% of all iPods ever purchased. My good friends at the Apple store sadly informed me one day that I had bought their entire shipment of new iPods, and directed me to the Hide-A-Pod website! After my Hide-A-Pod arrived I immediately went to the Apple store to show off my new “device”. Sadly, the staff weren’t enthusiastic to see what appeared to be a Zune in their store…and I’ve been ordered never to return.

  8. NanoSandman Says:

    Man this thing is great I can fit my 5Gen video, 1Gen Nano, Id cards, Pay Check, & well just about anything of monetary value the size of a small brick inside and I know it was safe.

    I left it sitting in my car when I stopped at the Quikstop, My car was stolen I was so angry but then found my belongings sitting on the curb where the thief tossed what he thought to be just another ZUNE!

    At least I don’t have to buy a new iPod Again

    Thanks for this wonderful product!

  9. aries_green_monkey Says:

    Thank you Hide-a-pod for putting the protection of my iPod first!

  10. Dan Says:

    My aunt is working for M$ and I got a brown Zune for a Christmas present.
    I sold it on eBay and bought iPod very soon, but I couldn’t tell her that.

    Then I found “Hide-a-Pod” and bought it immediately.

    Now I’m happy and my aunt is happy. Hide-a-Pod saved my day!

  11. David Says:

    Another good use:Coffee table coaster. Unless you WANT friends, that is.

  12. Harold Aardvark Says:

    What a super idea. I read this and thought that with a bit of modification thing I could really make this zune stealth cover thing work.

    So I got hold of a cheap Zune from the local charity shop for £3 GPB and gutted it out according to your directions. I added the custom hinge and a neat self lock clasp. I fitted out the inside with shock absorbing memory foam and some high grade rhondium plated connectors.

    I then installed my lovely ZVM with its super Gazillion colour screen resolution, FM radio, voice recorder, ability to work with all file types including flac and lossless codecs. And all fully laded with over 300 albums worth of material from classical and Led Zep through to the Cold War Kids.

    I have walked around listening to top quality music for 3 days now and not one herbert has mistaken my brilliant Zen Vision M for an inferior ipod.

    I am well sorted…..cheers

  13. Ipod4life Says:

    I literally got my ipod stolen on a daily basis. I’m so glad that my friend showed me this site.

    I purchased two of these hide-a-pods, one for me, one for a gift. Now no one dares touch my “ipod” or even stand around me. This is so great!
    So I purchased 5 of them for a shield guard, it’s so bigass, so it works. Plus no one dares come near my “anitsocial”.


  14. Orng Says:

    I know the Zune is very big, so i would like to know if my MacBook Air will fit inside a hide-a-pod? I have it in an envelope right now but it keeps getting shipped out with the inter-office mail.

  15. That one guy Says:

    wow, i just got a crappy MP3 player, not as crappy as a zune but not as good as an iPod or something like that. anyways, one of my friends gave this to me cuz i am ALWAYS losing things. car keys, WMDs, panzershreks, tanks, leather jackets, AK47s, that kind of thing. luckily i can keep all this stuff in my hide-a-pod. i was so thrilled when i left it in a IHOP, no relation to macintosh, and came back three hours later and they gave it back to me. it was wrapped in tin foil for some reason tho >,,>. anyways i left it in a cab and the cab driver actually drove back and placed it on my front porch. i came back and low and behold there it lied, atomic weapons and everything still nice and packed inside

  16. Thomas Ross Says:


    I constantly had people bugging be for advise, suggestions, general comments on my Apple™ iPod.

    Give a break.

    *Now*, with my Hide-A-Pod, people _avoid_ me!

    Thank You, Hide-A-Pod!

    T. Ross, MI

  17. David Says:

    There is so much room in the hide-a-pod that i decided to start packing my lunch in it! No one has stolen my lunch out of the break room since!

  18. Al Says:

    “Breaking up is hard to do” – Not any more! Need a way to avoid that awkward moment when you realize this one isn’t “a keeper”? I just pull out my hide-a-pod and … problem solved! Who wants to date a dork? And nothing says dork like a Zune.

    Thanks hide-a-pod. This is the best invention since speed dating.

  19. Brandon Says:

    You simply don’t advertise all of the wonderful ways that the hide-a-pod can be used! You see I’m not very good with my keys, I lose them often or drop them in storm drains by accident. I’ve even smashed remote fobs for my car doors by accident!
    Oh no, right?! I now have to have new ones made from the dealership costing me nearly 100 bucks plus have my entire home rekeyed again and again! The locksmith knows me on a first name basis and inquires as to how the family is doing!
    WRONG! I now just leave my home unlocked and often leave the door wide open. I also leave a key in the ignition of my never-locked car. How do I prevent theft and burglary? With the Zune Hide-a-Pod, of course! I just leave a couple scattered on my front porch near my open door and no one dare enters lest they trip and fall and possibly TOUCH one of the Zunes! And I just leave another balanced carefully on the top of my steering wheel so that anyone trying to steal my vehicle would get a lapful of ZuneBrownNasty when they turned the wheel. When I’m in a really bad neighborhood and want to leave valuables in my car I just tape the zune to the door handle and all of my things stay safe! They may put my car on blocks and jack my rimz but my priceless rembrant will be safe in the front seat.

    Thanks Hide-a-Pod!

  20. George Says:

    Thanks for the appealing poo-brown Zune caseing! Since I’ve bought it, people turn their noses up to me in the street! As I was listening to it in town the other day, my nana crossed the street when she saw me to avoid being seen near me! Aw shucks, Hide-a-Pod!

  21. DaveMan Says:

    Well, I’ve been going around with my Ipod touch at highschool. People have been staring at me like they wanted to just beat me up and steal it. Well, ever since I got my hide-a-pod, people are still staring at me, but in disgust! Thanks Hide-a-pod!

  22. FrequentFlyer Says:

    The Hide-a-Pod has saved me so much money! With the new airline rules, I was paying a ton of cash to check all my bags on the plane. Now, I just put all my stuff in my car, and when I get to the airport, I just put the car in the Hide-a-Pod. When I get to security, they don’t even X-Ray it, since they’re afraid it’ll break the machine if they scan it. A bonus is that I haven’t had to rent a car anymore, as well!

  23. Timmothy Says:

    I bought one of these and it worked so good that I accidentally threw out my iPod, thinking it was an actual Zune! So, I bought another one. I then tried to give my iPod away to a stranger on the subway (he looked like he could have used some extra iPod/money/good fortune) and he saw the Hide-a-Pod case and actually spit on me and told me off. Great product!

  24. Alex Says:

    This thing pays itself! I was walking very late at night in a dark alley and this mean looking dude appeared out of nowhere holding a gun and saying I had to give him everything of value I carried. I handed out my iPod (inside its Zune case, of course) and the dude said “my poor lad, you are even more in need than I am” and handed me a 20 dollar bill. Amazing product!

  25. Karlyn Says:

    My annoying little cousin was always begging me to use my iPod. Then I discovered the amazing Hide-a-Pod. Now she won’t even wanna be near it! Thanks guys!

  26. Boris Says:

    I have lost over 9000 Ipod/Iphones. But ever since I bought the hide a pod I have not lost a single one. It has not even slipped out of my pocket because of the incredible size of the Zune.

    Thanks a lot!

  27. Steven P. Jobs Says:

    Until recently, I was always bombarded by apple fans/junkies wherever I went. They would always scream: “O.M.G. it’s Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, father of the ipod, inventor of modern day electronics and creator of the known universe”. It was impossible to have a night out with my robotic wife. But now, thanks to hide-a-pod, all I have to do is whip out this zune looking hunk of pure evil and they go running for the hills. From now on, no more paparazzi. Thank you hide-a-pod, what would I ever do without you!

  28. Larry McHandy Says:

    Great product, serves its purpose well. Haven’t lost a single ipod yet. I also use mine to store money, food, and anything else that i need to keep around. Its amazing, my dog wont even go near it, even though i know he can smell the food in it. But a word to the wise, be careful, I once left my hide a pod behind and when I came back it was being swept up in the trash. Luckily I caught it in time but was embarrassed by the look on the janitors face. It can be embarrassing to be seen with, but for impenetrable, eco-friendly security there comes a price!!! Its like parking your ferrari inside an 82 ford E350. Thanks

  29. Graeme C Says:

    Good idea but ultimately floored. I thought this was a marvellous idea for keeping my ipod safe until it was stolen. The blooming theives had the cheek to replace it with a Zune would you believe it. Rubbish I say.

  30. Aric Amberden Says:

    As it turns out, the hide-a-pod is also useful for hiding anything else you don’t want stolen. I got an extra one to replace that fake rock I hide my housekey in. And who needs a safety deposit box when you can just hide your valuables in a zune on your coffee table? Thanks hide-a-pod!

  31. Mike R Says:

    I am writing you to request my money back for the hide a pod i bought, this product does not work as advertised. It was fine at first, as i had no problem with theft, but one day the UPS driver came by and snatch it, i guess it matched his ugly shorts.

  32. Hayden Says:

    My car got stolen the other day, but they were nice enough to mail back the hide-a-pod. Guess they didn’t open it.

  33. What-A-Fay-K Says:

    I left my iPod on the bus the other day with my name and phone number written all over the Hide-a-Pod and the people who found it returned it to me.

  34. azimech49 Says:

    Hide-a-pod is just one of the best products I’ve ever bought!

    In the last year when I got my 1G iPod Nano, it’s been really hard to keep out from robbers on the streets, and tried several cases to conceal it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my Nano, from its low weight to its glossy look. Now those appealing features are gone, but it is safe from bad people.

    It could be great if you could fit an extra battery connected to the iPod dock, you know, to fill all the empty space inside, it could bring months of listening to music in a single charge.

    Thanks again Hide-a-pod

    P.S.: If using a Hide-a-pod, DO NOT leave it on your night table while sleeping, because you may think it is a really bad nightmare as you wake up, and it’s not so funny, believe me.

  35. Thomas Golob (The Researchers Inc.) Says:

    We are a research company who research habbits of common thefts regarding iPod and Zune products.

    Exibit a) Hide-a-Zune (an iPod casing containing a Zune)

    Exibit b) Hide-a-Pod (vice-versa)

    Both were left on a bench in the park. Exibit b) was left alone and we actualy got a warning from the “owner” of the park bench (a homeless fellow) to remove this useless piece of .

    Exibit a) was stolen… for about 1 day. The next day we noticed the same Hide-a-Zune ,empty, with a note attached to it. The note had the following written on it: ” i was the one who stole this …thing. I was heartbroken when i saw it was something entirely different.I realise now how crime DOES NOT PAY. I apologize and return this product to you – except the casing that resembles the iPod. I should tell you i went to the police station and confessed what i did.”

    Another research project was involved about safety of the products.And we concluded that Hide-a-pod is a very useful tool in self-defence purposes. In one case, a burglar begged for mercy from the sight of this contraption. Another similar case – this time a stick-up robber – was knocked down cold when this object was thrown at his head.

    In conclusion,this is a very interesting product – it has multiple uses and it is a friendly helper for the ones in distress.


    The Researchers Inc.

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